Thursday, April 10, 2014

Theater Changes me!

Dreaming I can make a difference.
Living my life integrally. Integration on what my calculus subject had taught me that there are points which have no limit. It just pop in my head at this time how did I handle my college life taking up engineering course which is very much demanding and I also have rehearsals every night since I joined the Sining Kambayoka Ensemble (SKE) the official theater company of the Mindanao State University – Marawi City.
I thought when I was in high school; I already knew what I wanted and what I will do if I will study college. Of course, the university I attended was already planned. But the twist of it is my number 1 course to be taken up is Accountancy but I ended up on Civil engineering (which mapasalamaton ako kay I love where I am today). I aimed to finish the course the soonest but I am extended one semester. Honestly I also aimed for Cum Laude, unfortunately I wasn’t granted.
But I am happy still. Reasons?
I am able to know deeper what my passion is.  (Another twist of my life)
Never in my wildest dream had I planned to join the theater during college. (Although gusto nako mag-artista, hahaha). But because of something unpredicted, somebody let me see the kambay’s rehearsal. When I came there, ang surrounding kay unfriendly but I love what they are doing. To make the story short ika-nga I became a member of SKE. There  are ates, professors who never allowed me to join because the history of those who join Kambay mostly are extended and they never wanted me to like them. But the stubbornness in me keeps me going. (heheheh) 
The building where we spent most of our kambay days is called UVS.
The SKE molded me to be a better me. It showed me the wide horizon of life, showing there is more to life going out of the shell. I know I cannot see the talent in me, but they showed the way. I’ve never believe that I am a performer (until now) but they gave me a chance. During my college days, kambayoka played a big role in it. I laugh, I cried, I fall, I stand with the folks. I found someone I loved and will cherish for the rest of my life. They thought me to be strong and the only person I can hold on to is me, myself & I. Many lessons I learned in life during college kambayoka is part of it.
I thought that I can only get from kambay is the ability to perform and allowance. Never have I thought that it will touch the very person in me.
I am what I am today because SKE played a big role in it.
I think what I think today because SKE taught me.
I really treasure in my heart all the memories I have with the SINING KAMBAYOKA ENSEMBLE.

Let me share the ending of our prayer every night.
“We sing, dance and act to glorify Your Name”. It will still pop up in my head every night I pray. 

Mabuhay ang Kambay!!!  Happy 40th my SKE family!!!

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