Friday, April 4, 2014


My summer started early. I already have in my mind to explore Bislig City “City of Wonders”. I’ve only gone to Majestic Tinuy-an Falls dubbed as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippine”. But I never have thought it would be too soon. Great summer I have this 2014. Thanks to kol Dodong, kol Glesor, rhiza, te gemma and new found friend elisar. April 2, 2014 is one of the Best moments of my life.
First stop . . . tsadang!!!


This is what we will see as a sign that we will stop the car and let us start walking.

This is located in Brgy. San Vicente, Bislig City. More or less 8-10 minutes from Florland (popular pool or resort in Bislig City). First time really to be here gaud.

Kol Glesor asks us to show or act excited as much for documentation.

Ingon ko (I told him) “Dili na gyud kinahanglan mag-act tungod kay genuine ako excitement, heheh.” (No need for acting because my excitement is genuine, laughs). 
From the rough road we just walk for about 200 meters.

First time to see stalagmite and stalactite. Super-duper amazing. I can say that I am indeed very blessed to reach this place. Call me OA but happy talaga. I cannot express in words how happy I am. There are also bats living there.

It is amazing to see these creations.

This smile dubbed by my companion nga dili mapalit nga smile (the smile that cannot be bought) 

By the way “HINAYAGAN” came from the word Kahayag a bisayan term for light. Hinayagan means lighted. 

NEXT STOP === LIBWAK of Brgy. Pamanlinan, Bislig City

One of the coolest spring water. Can only be reached riding a boat. 

LAST STOP for the day === CALUBIAN FALLS, Brgy. Tabon, Bislig City

I thought this is the only falls I can see. I have seen many falls already in my life I just said it’s nice i am not amazed but I am not disappointed really.

Walking again more or less 50 meters, wooowww!!! I am speechless. In my mind indeed Bislig is the “City of Natural Wonders”. I wanted to shout how happy I am to be able to see this creation. Sa way pag duha-duha gibilin ang bag sa kauban then join the water. Two thumbs up for the Almighty Father for the great creation.

Again mura kog bata nga nahatagan ug candy. . . Dili mapalit ang smile and happiness I felt. It is true there are many things that money can't buy.

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  1. woww, ilove it, i wanna go there..