Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Holy Week

Well, I am a proud Roman Catholic. Holy week is important for my faith in recognition of my weaknesses. Since ash Wednesday I already started my recollection of my previous doings. I cannot say I had lived a good life but I could say I always tried to live my life according to His will. Everyday I did wrong and I know I will be forgiven. never able to confess this Lenten season but I will eventually confess this year.
For many since holy week is a long holiday they spend time in vacation, relaxation and unwinding especially those who are working in government agencies. For others also they will have their Visita Iglesia. For me, I will go home and spend the rest of the week praying and hoping I can fast. In my lifetime at 25 years of living I only have two (2) holy week that I never able to spend it in my hometown. And I vow if I can I will always have to spend my holy week in my hometown. 
Each holy week I spent in my life brought maturity in my faith. I love God and I always showed it anywhere I go or tell it to anyone who ask. I have a burning desire for Jesus Christ to use me and I will do His will even it will cause me so much pain. Because what instill in my mind is how much he suffered because of me. I know I can make a difference and I am doing my advocacy for the youth in my hometown to make a difference. 
I don't know why I wrote this... (hahah, but i really wanted to spare many of my blogs to where I belong)
I love blogging now, and i want to share my life to this addiction I have... 

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