Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Site Inspection

During Site inspection
Hey! hey parents.
Look at this two little angels? They made my day looking at them smiling while I'm documenting the accomplishment of the project we inspected. I'm asking what is the children doing at the site during school days/time?
I don't know what are the jobs and chores the parents are doing or if they still have parents but what comes to my mind is that they should have been enjoying learning in school at the time i took this photo. I don't know if they already know how to read and write or maybe today is no class which I don't know.
My point is, the challenge for every parents is to send their children to school come what may. Despite the financial in-capabilities. 
Looking at the situation makes me think again the thought of sending one of my volunteers in youth ministry to school. I know I don't have enough money supporting my younger brothers in college and here's another teen whose willing to serve and work to gain her studies. How can I say no?
But as what I want and I am obsessed to change. I want to start the change in me.
I just need to have a faith that the Divine Providence will be there.
A change that we need not to wait to earn more to serve and help. What we got even nothing we have we still can help. 
Challenge I give to myself to find ways to help even one or two. And I believe it will multiply.

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