Friday, July 11, 2014

#hello26 Adventure

What i love doing during my birthday is to be with my own. Knowing my inner self is very important for my growth. And now that i had reach the age above quarter life I begun searching for more. And I can only achieve these if I will listen to what my heart tells me. My 26th begun the journey I had prayed for.

I had always said that "It takes a strong woman to travel alone". And I have traveled alone since my elementary. So the strong woman in me is very mush happy. The smile in my face cannot be bought.

I always dream of exploring the rest of the world if I can have my finances, so, during my 24th birthday I vowed to celebrate my birthmonth travelling.
2013 I spent the 7days burthday celebration in Luzon.
And 2014 I've decided to spent the 4 days in Visayas. 

Since I heard that the authentic Chicken Inasal can be found in Bacolod, my first stop of course the Manokan Country. I wasn't disappointed, and I love what they served.

The manokan country is located near SM.


My next stop after having pinaabtik nga refresh. I love looking at their capitol.
By the way the picture in the left is an statue PAGHIMUD-OS, a cultural gift to the people of Negros Occidental by the Negros Occidental Park and cultural commission and the artist EDUARDO S. CASTRILLO.
Full view of their Provicial capitol and lagoon

Never to forget myself to be included in the pics.(hahaha!)


 While walking along the road I just keep my eyes on this tower.I am really much excited since I love having a solitude during my birthday.

I really love the smile I had those moments of silence.

 I feel I am on the top of the world. (wheew!!) 


A good way to start my birthday going to one of the old church in the Philippines.
I always shoot "I set foot theme" 

 Gift for the people during their centennial jubilee located at the right side of the cathedral. 

 Bacolod Public Plaza just across the Cathedral de San Sebastian.

 Bacolod Pension Plaza is really an strategic place to stay while in Bacolod City. Walking distance to and from Manokan Country, Cathedral de San Sebastian, Public Plaza, SM, etc. 

First and second day of my stay is all worth the wait. I had waited for this moment to happen.
My next stop which is the MAMBUKAL MOUNTAIN RESORT will have a blog of its own.
I am indeed blessed. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Holy Week

Well, I am a proud Roman Catholic. Holy week is important for my faith in recognition of my weaknesses. Since ash Wednesday I already started my recollection of my previous doings. I cannot say I had lived a good life but I could say I always tried to live my life according to His will. Everyday I did wrong and I know I will be forgiven. never able to confess this Lenten season but I will eventually confess this year.
For many since holy week is a long holiday they spend time in vacation, relaxation and unwinding especially those who are working in government agencies. For others also they will have their Visita Iglesia. For me, I will go home and spend the rest of the week praying and hoping I can fast. In my lifetime at 25 years of living I only have two (2) holy week that I never able to spend it in my hometown. And I vow if I can I will always have to spend my holy week in my hometown. 
Each holy week I spent in my life brought maturity in my faith. I love God and I always showed it anywhere I go or tell it to anyone who ask. I have a burning desire for Jesus Christ to use me and I will do His will even it will cause me so much pain. Because what instill in my mind is how much he suffered because of me. I know I can make a difference and I am doing my advocacy for the youth in my hometown to make a difference. 
I don't know why I wrote this... (hahah, but i really wanted to spare many of my blogs to where I belong)
I love blogging now, and i want to share my life to this addiction I have...